Alisha Ramos

I'm a designer and developer working at Vox Media in D.C.

What I'm Feeling

Sophia Loren in Five Miles to Midnight
Sophia Loren in Five Miles to Midnight (1962)

Design and Projects

Sometimes I build and design things. I will share them here someday, I'm sure. For now, please visit one of these fine websites.

A Quote to Ponder

"It takes years as a woman to unlearn what you have been taught to be sorry for."

— Amy Poehler, "Yes Please"


You can take a peek at what articles I'm reading here.



I'm a designer, developer, and sometimes-writer living in Washington, D.C. I currently work at Vox Media as a front-end designer. Prior to working in tech, I worked in brand consulting in New York. I graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Sociology and Medieval History.